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Medical pedicure

Our feet are the carriers of our body. After all, they take us everywhere. Besides wanting to maintain your healthy feet, it is sometimes necessary to take care of complaints caused by illness, aging or intensive sports, for example. Our medical pedicurist is specially trained for this and works closely with podiatrists, among others. Your feet are in good hands with our medical pedicure at Huid & Laserkliniek Delft.

Mieke van Paassen

Medical pedicurist

Mieke is a medical pedicurist and treats the most common complaints of feet, such as corns, cracks, excessive callus formation, ingrown nails and mycosis (fungus or calcium). During the treatment Mieke creates a relaxed atmosphere and she will be happy to give you information and advice about orthotics if your feet are in a different position.


Treatments by our (medical) pedicurist

Do you feel that your feet are not the most beautiful part of your body? Don't be ashamed of it, but remember, so many people so many feet. Come by for a treatment.