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Pigmentation spots removal

Wonderful, enjoying the sun. However, the sun sometimes has a less pleasant effect on the skin. UV radiation, which is secretly present even on a cloudy day, can cause pigmentation spots or sunspots. But pigmentation spots can also be caused by changes in hormone levels, for example melasma. How annoying that you suffer from this, but we can do something about it! At the Huid & Laser Kliniek Delft, we treat various types of pigmentation marks with our pigment treatment. 

Behind the clouds the sun shines. An appropriate statement as far as we are concerned. Because pigmentation spots are usually caused by sun damage in the upper layer of the skin (lentigo solaris). Together with your dermal therapist at the Huid & Laser Kliniek Delft, you can do something about this. So feel free to visit our clinic nearby Delft city centre.

Pigment spots are not only caused by the sun. There are different types, caused by different factors. There are age spots, benign birthmarks and also pregnancy masks. Do you know what type of pigmentation spots you have? We would be happy to give you an answer during a no-obligation consultation.

We treat superficial pigmentation with our M22 laser and a special IPL handpiece. For marks in the deeper skin layers, such as melasma, our treatment with Cosmelan and Dermamelan has proven itself for years. Together with our high-end care products, we can significantly reduce pigmentation spots.

Step-by-step plan for removing pigmentation spots

You have decided to have your pigmentation spots lasered. A good choice, because the chances of a beautiful result are high and the treatment is not terribly invasive. For most treatments, the M22 laser with IPL handpiece works very well. In some cases your dermal therapist chooses a treatment with Cosmelan and Dermamelan.

Step 1.

We assess the type of pigment and your skin type. Everything for a personalised treatment plan;

Step 2.

In case of pigmentation in the superficial skin layer, we opt for the laser treatment;

Step 3.

Not too tanned by the sun? Then we can start lasering the pigmentation marks;

Step 4.

A layer of gel cools your skin and guides the laser light;

Step 5.

In a few seconds the pigment mark is lasered and becomes darker;

Step 6.

Be patient: after about 10 days you will see the first result;

Step 7.

How are you doing? We discuss your progress, home products and give you advice.

After the treatment, you can usually resume most of your daily activities almost immediately. Of course, you do take into account your recovering skin. Our dermal therapists will be happy to arrange a no-obligation consultation with you and to draw up a personalised step-by-step plan.

Photo Peel

An IPL treatment can be combined with medical peels to significantly improve its effectiveness. The IPL heats the upper layers of your skin. Red blood vessels and unwanted pigmentation are both addressed. It also stimulates skin cells to produce new collagen, resulting in a firmer skin. After the IPL treatment, a medical mid-depth peel is applied to the treated area. Fine superficial wrinkles, superficial blemishes and pigmentation problems are thus effectively treated. You will already see noticeable results after 4 weeks.

Number of pigmentation removal treatments

Every skin and every pigmentation mark is unique. It sounds cliché, but it's really true. That's why dermal therapists at Huid & Laser Kliniek Delft give you personal advice on your pigmentation treatment during the consultation. Nevertheless, we understand that you do research online and want an indication. On average we do 3 treatments at 4 week intervals to achieve the best result. In any case, it is always good to take good care of your skin all year round and protect it with sunscreen of SPF30/50.

Rates pigmentation treatment

For some treatments for pigmentation mark removal, you may be eligible for (partial) reimbursement by your health insurer. The amount of the insured amount can be found in the policy conditions. A referral letter is no longer required by many health insurers. However, if necessary, our therapists will contact your general practitioner or dermatologist.

 IPL treatment  Per session
1 cm2 / single spot 89,-
Part of the face 160,-
Full face 195,-
Hands 160,-
Large area 260,-
Décolleté 230,-
Pigmentation spots and vessels removal | part of the face 160,-
Pigmentation spots and vessels removal | full face  195,-
Combination treatments  
IPL part of the face + TCA photo peel full face 250,-
Cosmo Peel Forte single spot + TCA photo peel full face 250,-
Products and maintenance  
Dermaceutic foamer, vitamine C25%, light ceutic, yellow creme  
Removal of bumps and rough spots  

from 55,-

Frequently asked questions

Does a laser treatment of pigmentation spots hurt?

Fortunately, it is not so bad. Although pigmentation spot lasering is not entirely painless. It's difficult to put into words, but lasering pigment spots feels a bit like 'a rubber band that constantly snaps against the skin'. Some of the products we use, for example for the pregnancy mask removal, may leave a burning sensation.

Is my pigmentation spot treatable?

Good question. We would like to answer that question in a free consultation at the Huid & Laser Kliniek Delft, where we take a good look at your skin. We can help you with your online research. We are good and effective in: sun spot removal, age spot removal, cafe-au-lait spot removal, pregnancy mask removal and pigment spots in the neck removal.

What will my pigment spot look like after a pigment laser treatment?

Don't worry if the pigment spot looks a bit grey and darker after the pigment removal treatment. The skin around the pigment spot is often a little red, but this disappears in the course of the day. For about 10 days the pigment spot will remain slightly darker and will then flake off by itself. Incidentally, you can use make-up again immediately.


How long does recovery take after pigmentation removal?

Usually about 4 weeks. After the treatment your skin will be a little red, slightly burning and the pigment spot will be darker in colour. This is normal. The dark discolouration will be gone after approximately 10 days. Make sure you do not scratch off the crusts. Protect the marks from the sun for at least 4 weeks with a sun cream with a SPF of factor 30 or higher. After 4 weeks, we will look at the results and, if necessary, take the next step with a new treatment, care products or advice from your dermal therapist.

Which products help remove pigmentation spots?

Our dermal therapists are experts in treating and protecting the skin with high-quality products. The use of products is even indispensable in the pigment treatment in deeper skin layers. Pigment-inhibiting creams by Dermaceutic work deep into the skin and calm the pigment cell. During laser treatments and the use of pigment creams it is essential to protect your skin properly against the sun. Mesoestetic sunscreen with SPF 130 is the perfect cream to prevent new pigmentation spots. 

What can I do myself against pigmentation spots on the face?

Pigmentation spots on the face can give you an unpleasant feeling. The most important thing is to protect your skin from the sun every day with a factor 30 or higher. The next step is to schedule a free consultation. The most effective way to treat facial pigmentation remains a professional pigmentation treatment in Delft.

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Treatment video


  • After 3 pigment treatments with IPL
  • After 2 coagulation and 2 pigment laser treatments with IPL
  • After 2 pigment laser treatment with IPL
  • After 2 pigment laser treatment with IPL
  • Result melasma after 6 weeks using home products Cosmelan
  • Result Dermatosis papulosa nigra after 2 coagulation treatments

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