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Our team

You will always be central to our team. We want you to feel heard and seen. Therefore, we always discuss all options with you and you can always choose a treatment. Should you require a particular treatment that we do not have, we will tell you where to go for it. We want everybody who is under treatment with us to feel comfortable and safe. That is why we like to share our knowledge with you, so that you can understand how something happens and how it can go away. We would like to introduce ourselves to you personally below.

Tessa - Dermal therapist / owner
Juliet - Cosmetic doctor
Sharon - Dermal therapist
Sanne - Dermal therapist & frontoffice
Bo - Dermal therapist & front- and backoffice
Zoë - Dermal therapist
Louise - Dermal therapist & front- and backoffice
Manon - Huidtherapeut
Cherelle - Frontoffice
Mieke - Pedicure

Tessa Rast - van Paassen

Paramedical dermal therapist / owner

Tessa is a certified dermal and edema therapist. After completing the 4-year HBO study in Utrecht, she gained a lot of work experience within the edema therapy, wound care and oncological care. After following the post-HBO light and laser therapy, her interest in skin improvement by using lasers became bigger and bigger. By now Tessa has been working with lasers for 12 years with great enthusiasm. Yearly she attends many conferences and courses in the field of skin improvement and she is a member of the DALA (Dutch Aesthetic Laser Association).

"I still marvel about the technique and the beautiful results you achieve with laser therapy"

Registration numbers:
KP register = 19913790488
NVH vereniging = 502668
AGB code = 90043969

Juliet de Vries

Cosmetic doctor

Cosmetic doctor Juliet de Vries pursued her medical degree at Leiden University. A wonderful achievement. But she wants more. To grow as a professional. She expanded her surgical experience by working in various hospitals in the Leiden/The Hague region and Curacao. And meanwhile, she has specialised in cosmetic medicinal treatments, such as botulinum toxin, hyaluronic acid fillers and skin-enhancing skin boosters. What's important to Juliet? Working together with skin therapists to achieve fresh and natural-looking results. She is known for her personal, calm approach and the fact that she likes to stay up-to-date through workshops, courses and training. Of course, she performs cosmetically enhancing treatments, but also for medical problems like migraines, teeth grinding or jaw clenching and excessive perspiration, you are more than welcome to come to her. 

Registration number

  • BIG registration: 19918066501

Sharon Mosterd

Paramedical dermal therapist

'At the beginning of the puberty I suffered, like many others, from the skin condition acne, from then on my interest in the skin developed. First I followed the study of beautician and here I have already gained much knowledge about the healthy skin. The education in dermal therapy was a logical step for me to learn more about the affected skin. I learned that no skin is the same and that with today's technology and products, many skin problems can be solved easily and often painless. In addition, I know from my own experience how much influence a skin problem can have on your mental state. I think it is great that we, as dermal therapists, can treat these skin problems with the right treatment and thereby often reduce complaints such as insecurity and embarrassment, for example. During our first meeting we will discuss your needs and wishes, based on this we will make a treatment plan together. I find it most important that you feel at ease during the treatment process.'

Registration numbers:

  • KP register = 39105247188
  • NVH vereniging = 520382
  • AGB code = 90108592

Sanne de Jonge

Paramedical dermal therapist & front office

'My name is Sanne de Jonge, paramedical dermal therapist and I have come to reinforce the team of Huid & Laserkliniek Delft. What I like about my profession is that it is continuously evolving. Up until now, a lot of scientific research has been done on the treatment of certain skin problems and on the functioning of this complex organ. As a dermal therapist I find this important, because it keeps you critical to strive for even better results.'

Registration numbers:

  • KP register = 39105184788
  • NVH vereniging = 520649
  • AGB code = 90108591

Bo van der Loo

Paramedical dermal therapist & front- and backoffice

"We may have already met during my internship from November 2020 to February 2021. For those who don't know me yet, my name is Bo van der Loo. After completing my study as an all-round beautician five years ago, I strongly felt the need to expand my knowledge about our largest organ "the skin" during the HBO study in skin therapy. I soon felt at home at Huid & Laserkliniek Delft, so when I got the chance to join the team, I immediately grabbed it. You will find me in the treatment rooms as a skin therapist, using a personalised treatment plan to achieve your healthiest skin. I also support the front office and back office team within the clinic. I look forward to welcoming you"

Registration numbers:

  • AGB code = 90114286
  • KP register =39106934588 
  • NVH vereniging = 520872

Zoë Chatzakis

Paramedical dermal therapist

My name is Zoë Chatzakis, paramedical dermal therapist and since the end of January 2022 I am joining the team. Maybe for some of you a familiar face, because I did my graduation internship at Huid & Laserkliniek Delft. During my career I have also gained experience at a general practice and in various hospitals.

People describe me as a friendly, patient and kind person. I find it important that you feel at ease with me. What I like about the dermal therapy profession is that it is very diverse and constantly developing; every patient is different and has a different need for help. It gives me a lot of satisfaction to draw up a treatment plan together and to carry it out, so that we can achieve the best possible result and you can leave with a smile on your face. I hope to welcome you soon in the clinic!

Registration numbers:

  • KP register: 39106231188
  • AGB code: 90111885
  • NVH vereniging: 520535

Louise Lutke Schipholt

Paramedical dermal therapist & front- and backoffice

You may remember me from a few years ago. In fact, I was already working at Huid & Laserkliniek Delft in 2018. I left in 2020, but I have certainly not been idle. I gained a lot of experience with different (laser) equipment, treatments and gained a lot of knowledge about ingredients and formulations of skin care products. Nevertheless, it began to itch again to rejoin the nice cozy team.
My greatest passion and at the same time challenge is to make you feel confident again. I know better than anyone that skin problems can be perceived as disturbing, but with a good treatment plan and the right equipment we have in the clinic, they can be remedied. I hope to see you at the clinic soon!

Registration numbers:
  • KP register = 39103945788
  • AGB code = 90105651
  • NVH vereniging = 520159

Cherelle Sieh


After completing an HBO education in communications, Cherelle has worked in many different industries. At Huid & Laser Kliniek Delft, she feels like coming home. The interesting field, the nice colleagues and the front office function fit her perfectly.

Mieke van Paassen


Mieke is a pedicurist and treats the most common complaints to feet, such as corns, cracks, excessive callus formation, ingrown nails and mycosis (fungus or lime nails). During the treatment, Mieke creates a relaxed atmosphere and will be happy to provide you with information and advice on orthotics if your feet are in a different position.

Member of ProVoet

Manon Bergenhenegouwen


Manon has years of experience as a skin therapist and her passion lies entirely in cosmedical care. We are very happy that Manon has joined the team. Manon is working in our clinic once or twice a month. You can contact her for all treatments. Note: if you want to schedule an appointment with Manon, you can only do so by mail or phone.