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Plasma lift

You want to improve your skin, but without plastic surgery. You would rather not have to resort to injections either, but you do want visible results. We understand that very well. That's why at the Huid & Laser Kliniek Delft we work with the successful Be Lifted plasma pen to significantly reduce wrinkles, puffiness and folds. We trigger the self-healing capacity of your skin in an accessible way, with immediately visible results that last for about two years. Visibly rejuvenate your skin? Choose a plasma lift in Delft.

Around the eyelids, mouth, cheeks and neck, many people develop laxity of the skin over the years. Excessive skin (folds) and wrinkles are also common. Do you suffer from these as well? In many cases, the dermal therapists at the Huid & Laser Kliniek Delft can really do something about it. The Plasma lift restores the natural look that suits you best.

The Plasma lift treatment is therefore one of the popular treatments in our clinic. The plasma pen has a stimulating effect on collagen and elastin production. This provides more firmness and volume in the skin. That sounds good, but you probably want to know more about it. Schedule a free consultation with one of our therapists.

Plasma lift is a treatment without injecting or cutting. That is why the recovery period is short, namely 7 days, and there is no visible scar tissue. Proven effective, fast and lasting results, a younger skin within 1 to 2 treatments: that is our Plasma lift.

Step-by-step Plasma lift treatment

The Plasma Lift treatment for your face is a low-threshold treatment without surgery. Not very invasive, but with visible results. Of course, you want to know what to expect. This is how we at Huid & Laser Kliniek Delft lift your skin in 4 steps:

Step 1.

Come in and we will study the skin and take pictures for your file;

Step 2.

Your regular skin therapist applies an anaesthetic cream to the skin to be treated;

Step 3.

The plasma pen creates 'plasma spots' and stimulates the skin's self-healing ability;

Step 4.

Together with the therapist you will discuss the further course of the treatment and the use of home products.

After the Plasma lift, you will notice that the so-called 'plasma spots' will turn into a scab and fall off your skin within 5 to 7 days. In the beginning, the skin may look a little red and sometimes slightly swollen, but this is a normal process. It is important that you do not pull off the scabs yourself. Let your skin do the work and repair itself naturally. Once the scabs have come off after a few days, take care of your skin with a special after-treatment cream from Dermaceutic. This is to protect your brand new skin against the sun.

Number of Plasma lift treatments

The Plasma lift treatment is particularly effective. Depending on your skin condition, visible results can be achieved in just one or two treatments. If a follow-up treatment is necessary to achieve optimal results, this will be scheduled after approximately 4 to 6 weeks. Because together we go for visible and lasting results; a healthy skin and your fresh appearance.

Rates Plasma lift treatment

 Skin tightening Per session
Upper eyelids 395,-
Lower eyelids 395,-
Crow's feet 350,-
Upper eyelids and part lower eyelids 500,-
Wrinkles around the upperlip and nasolabial fold 300,-
Wrinkles around the mouth and part of the cheeks 600,-
Skin laxity neck / part of the cheeks 450,-
Xantelasma - white bumps at the corners of the eyes 250,-

Frequently asked questions

For what problems is the Plasma lift treatment suitable?

The Plasma treatment is suitable for all wrinkles on the face and excess skin above and below the eyelids. Common problem areas are: upper lip, corners of the mouth, cheeks, eyelids and crow's feet. Plasma lift is also suitable for removing xanthelasma: the yellow/white discolouration at the inner corners of the eyes.

Together with a dermal therapist in Delft, determine what the Plasma lift treatment can do for you.

What does a Plasma lift cost?

The rate for a plasma lift treatment depends on the area to be treated. Crow's feet, for example, are treated within 45 minutes at a rate of €350. Would you like a customised plan and know exactly what the costs of a treatment will be? That's logical. Contact our dermal clinic.

How can I prepare myself for a Plasma lift treatment?

Prior to the treatment, it is a good idea to avoid direct exposure to the sun for 6 weeks and to apply sunscreen to your face as well. If the eyes are being treated, it is also best to wear sunglasses during this period. You are also not allowed to have a cold sore on the day of the treatment and we would like to see you without make-up. Want to know exactly what the guidelines are for you? Plan a free consultation with our dermal therapists.

What will my skin look like immediately after a Plasma lift treatment?

Due to the heat emitted by the plasma pen, the skin will look red and somewhat swollen after the treatment. The burning sensation may last for a few hours and will subside by itself. It is a little unpleasant, but the tightening of the skin is immediately visible. Fortunately, there will be no bruising as after an eyelid correction by incision. When the small crusts have disappeared, make-up can be worn over the slightly red colour. The red coloration can last for several weeks.

What things should I not do after a Plasma lift?

Do not visit a sauna or swimming pool for the first 7 days after treatment. The first 8 hours after treatment, the scabs must remain completely dry. As long as the scabs are still on the skin, it is important not to apply make-up there. If the skin is slightly swollen, do not use a cool pack. This slows down the self-healing process of your skin. Of course, our therapists will be happy to help you personally with the best aftercare.

Does a Plasma lift treatment hurt?

Fortunately, this treatment does not require any surgical procedures or injections. But it does not mean that the Plasma Lift treatment is completely painless. That's why we treat the skin with anaesthetic cream before the Plasma lift treatment. In this way, we make it even more comfortable. Of course, everyone experiences pain in their own way and sensitivity varies from person to person. But in general, we often get feedback that the treatment is 'quite bearable'.

Can I use my own skin care products after a Plasma lift treatment?

The choice is yours, of course. As professionals, we have noticed that our treatment is most successful if you also use the best products with the right ingredients at home. We are therefore happy to advise you during the intake interview about the best products to use for your skin. In the clinic in Delft we prefer to work with the brand Dermaceutic in order to maintain the result.

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