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Leg vessels

Visible capillaries on your legs, you don't think it looks pretty. Those red and purple-blue lines just under your skin are broken capillaries. Do you recognize that? Then you may want to have your leg veins treated at the Huid & Laser Kliniek Delft. Because even though broken capillaries on your legs are harmless, they do not go away by themselves. Unfortunately. However, we can easily remove broken leg veins with our laser therapy in Delft. We are happy to tell you more about it.

Of course, we would all prefer to have even and healthy skin. That's simply what you feel most comfortable with. Broken capillaries and leg vessels do not contribute to this. Moreover, they have no function, because they do not contribute to the transportation of blood to your heart. The origin of these broken vessels can be due to too much pressure on the vascular system. For example, hereditary predisposition, a standing job or pregnancy.

What is the cause in your case? Or more importantly: what is the best solution for you? During a free consultation in our clinic we make a plan together that suits your needs, specific spots and type of skin. In the case of broken leg vessels (besenreiser) we work with laser therapy on your healthy skin. In case of varicose veins (varices) we will give you professional advice and we can possibly refer you to a specialized doctor. 

With laser therapy we heat your blood vessels, without damaging the skin and we close the broken capillaries. Then your body clears these broken capillaries itself. With our professional advice on the best care products you can go on for years. With a healthy skin, without visible leg veins.

Step-by-step leg vessel treatment

Laser therapy at Huid & Laser Kliniek Delft is done with the M22 Nd:Yag 1064 nm laser from Lumenis. This special laser works even better and deeper under the skin. This way we close broken vessels and leave surrounding tissue alone. This is how we treat your leg vessels in 6 steps:

Step 1.

We look at the spots and determine whether your skin is suitable for laser therapy;

Step 2.

Then we zoom in on the cause of the leg veins and make a treatment plan together;

Step 3.

The first treatment, you get special glasses against the bright flashes of light;

Step 4.

A cooling gel is applied and then the first laser treatment starts;

Step 5.

The light repairs the vessels in 3 to 5 treatments at 8-week intervals;

Step 6.

Together we discuss the progress and treatments needed.

After the laser therapy, the skin is a little red and may feel a little burning. There may also be some bruising, this is completely normal. Proper cooling keeps the skin calm and also ensures that no scabs form. Have you had your leg vessels treated at Huid & Laser Kliniek Delft? Then we plan a follow-up treatment after eight weeks. So we work together structurally on your visible skin improvement.

Number of treatments

On average, broken capillaries require about 3 to 5 treatments. But every skin is different, so the exact number of treatments will be discussed with the skin therapist during the free consultation. We schedule a treatment every 8 weeks so that your skin can rest in the meantime and recover naturally. 

Can all capillaries be totally removed? To be honest, we can't guarantee that. But a reduction of 70-80% is to be expected. The result of leg laser surgery is usually visible for several years and you can have multiple laser treatments. At Huid & Laser Kliniek Delft we always work on the most durable solution. 

Rates of leg vessel treatment

It is possible that your health insurer will reimburse you (partially) for the treatment of leg vessels. You can find the amount of the insured amount in the policy conditions. Some health insurers require a referral letter from the general practitioner or dermatologist; our dermal therapists will be happy to assist you with this as well.


  Per session  Package 3x
 Small area           <10 min.  150,-  400,-
 Medium area      <25 min.  200,-  550,-
 Large area           <40 min.  275,- 750,-

Frequently asked questions

Does varicose vein removal or leg vein treatment hurt?

Everyone has their own pain tolerance, of course. But experience tells us that the feeling is rated as "sometimes a little mean, but perfectly tolerable. The special laser gives off light flashes and that feels like a small rubber band against the skin. For the treatment we also apply a thin layer of gel, so your skin stays cool.

What exactly is besenreiser varices?

Besenreiser varices are small, dilated blood vessels commonly found on legs and feet. Small, sprouted vessels with a red, purple or blue color. The name besenreiser is German for a broom made of birch branches. This is because of the similarity to the vessels and their branches. Fortunately, we can treat this well.

How do besenreiser varices develop?

Vessels on the surface usually arise spontaneously, but can also be caused by deeper veins. Are the vessels "sprung"? No. In fact, it is caused by a dilation and weakening of blood vessels. Besenreiser varices are not varicose veins, but rather broken capillaries caused by prolonged increased pressure. There are a few causes that besenreiser varices can worsen: aging, hereditary predisposition, standing professions and for example pregnancy. During a free consultation we will look together at what is causing your varices.

What does a leg vein treatment cost?

The rates for leg laser treatment at Huid & Laser Kliniek Delft depend on the size of the area we are treating. A treatment for a small area costs 125, - and a medium sized area costs 175, - per session. If we choose to treat a large area together, a session costs 250,-. To make it even more attractive, we also offer interesting package prices at Huid & Laser Kliniek Delft. Schedule a free consultation now and our dermal therapist will make a customized plan for you. 

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After 3 treatments with the Nd:yag laser
After 2 treatments with the Nd:yag laser
After 3 treatments with the Nd:yag laser

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