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Veins and redness

Suddenly you notice them. Or quite possibly they have been bothering you for some time: disfiguring red and purple-blue veins on your skin. They often look like a network of thin lines under the skin or like red spots on the cheeks. Broken and non-functional capillaries are common on the face, neck, leg and other areas. They are harmless, but unfortunately do not go away on their own. At Huid & Laser Kliniek Delft we can remove them easily and effectively with laser therapy.

You feel most comfortable with skin with your own even complexion. Then you can be yourself completely. Redness, especially redness in the face, is then very annoying. It can even affect the structure of your skin. Often they are visible broken capillaries with as possible causes: thin skin, skin aging, hereditary predisposition, temperature changes, childbirth and UV radiation. 

What is the underlying cause and what is the best treatment for you? During a free consultation in our clinic we will make a plan of approach together, suited to your needs and specific skin indication. Whether it's couperose, rosacea, a birthmark or stork bite. There is a solution.

Your body will soon clear up the broken vessels itself. We do this by laser therapy with light pulses, high performance products and professional advice. For a natural result that will last you for years. For a healthy skin without distracting color differences. 

At Huid & Laser Kliniek Delft, we do not only treat the skin on the outside, but we also look at the inside. We now know that the connection between food and skin is great, which is why we take a closer look at it during the Nutrition consultation. Especially for the chronic skin condition Rosacea, there are quite a few foods that are triggers of flare-ups. It is therefore essential to take a good look at your diet and lifestyle. After the Nutrition consultation, you will know more about what triggers and protectors there are with food, how to get a healthy gut flora, which supplements suit you and how to maintain your skin.

Step-by-step capillary treatment

For professional laser therapy in Delft, we work at Huid & Laser Kliniek Delft with the special M22 laser. This laser emits light that only focuses on the broken capillaries. This way we can reduce redness and remove redness, without disturbing the rest of your skin. This is how we treat the broken capillaries under your skin in 6 steps:

Step 1.

We study your skin so we know what works for optimal results;

Step 2.

We determine the cause of the redness and together create the fitting treatment plan;

Step 3.

First treatment, you get special glasses to protect you from the bright light;

Step 4.

After the cooling gel, the first flash will follow;

Step 5.

The bright light flashes repair the broken vessels in a few treatments;

Step 6.

We discuss the progress, the use of products and give you advice.

After laser therapy, you can continue with most of your daily activities almost immediately. Please wait two days before exercising, drinking alcohol or going to the sauna. You will not get scabs, but your skin may swell slightly. Fortunately, it is possible to camouflage your skin after treatment with Jane Iredale makeup. So you step out with a (in)visible skin improvement anyway.

Photo Peel

An IPL treatment can be combined with medical peels to significantly improve its effectiveness. The IPL heats the upper layers of your skin. Red blood vessels and unwanted pigmentation are both addressed. It also stimulates skin cells to produce new collagen, resulting in a firmer skin. After the IPL treatment, a medical mid-depth peel is applied to the treated area. Fine superficial wrinkles, superficial blemishes and pigmentation problems are thus effectively treated. You will already see noticeable results after 4 weeks.

Number of treatments

If you suffer from facial redness, then we preferably start with 3 treatments. To give your skin time to recover naturally, we always plan your treatments with recovery periods of 3 to 4 weeks. During this period we monitor the development of your skin closely. To determine the exact number of treatments for your skin, we'd like to invite you for a free consultation with our dermal therapist.

Rates of capillary treatments

Redness reduction with laser therapy can be (partially) reimbursed by your healthcare provider. Do you have supplemental insurance? Then you can find the amount of the insured amount in the policy conditions. Some health care providers require a referral from the general practitioner or dermatologist. Of course, your dermal therapist at Huid & Laser Kliniek Delft will help you with this as well.

Couperose / Rosacea Per session
Single spot 89,-
Part of the face 160,-
Side of the neck
Full face 195,-
Big area 260,-
Vessel and pigmentation spots removal | part of the face 160,-
Vessel and pigmentation spots removal | full face 195,-
Combination treatments  
IPL part of the face + TCA photo peel 250,-
Cosmopeel forte peeling single spot + TCA photo peel 250,-
Nutrition consultation 1 (30 min) 89,-
Nutrition consultation 2 (15 min) 45,-

Frequently asked questions

What to do about red cheeks?

It depends on the cause. It could be couperose, rosacea or perhaps some other skin indication. However, you can do a few things yourself. For example, start by applying sunscreen (SPF of at least 30) several times a day. Diet can also play a role. Try to limit alcohol and histamine-rich foods. Schedule a free consultation and together with your dermal therapist you will make a targeted plan of action.

Can I prevent couperose?

Couperose is hereditary and often occurs in thin skin types. Therefore, prevention is unfortunately not possible. However, you can reduce couperose or other redness by using a sunscreen daily (SPF of at least 30). And there are a number of things you could better avoid: alcohol, histamine-rich foods, large temperature changes (eg sauna), tanning beds and excessive exercise. Are you curious how you can reduce couperose? Then please contact us.

What is the difference between couperose and rosacea?

They are two different skin conditions. Couperose is a network of burst blood vessels. And rosacea is often accompanied by multiple skin symptoms, such as red bumps, small white pimples, a red face and swelling that can even change the skin texture. There is also sometimes burning and dry eyes. Both skin conditions are well treatable with the laser therapy of Huid & Laser Kliniek Delft.

Is laser therapy for red skin painful?

Let's not sugarcoat it; laser therapy for red skin and broken vessels is not insensitive. Most people describe the feeling when the laser light targets the subcutaneous vessels as 'little quick pinpricks'. It is well tolerated by most people who suffer from red spots on the skin. After the treatment you can also immediately resume daily activities.

How will my skin look after the treatment against red skin?

After treatment, the skin may be temporarily more red and feel burnt. Good news: there are no visible scabs, your face is not red and the blood vessel often disappears immediately. Or the vessel temporarily turns purple, after which your body will start repairing it. There may also be swelling that disappears after a maximum of 3 days. By cooling it well you can easily overcome this.

Can I use make-up after laser therapy?

Yes. After the treatment you can camouflage the skin nicely and resume most daily activities almost immediately. However, it is important to protect your skin from the sun for up to 4 weeks after the laser therapy. You do this by using sunscreen with an SPF of at least factor 30 several times a day. All for the best result that will be visible after 4 weeks.


What does laser therapy for couperose or rosacea cost?

That depends on these factors: whether it is a single spot or a small area and where the redness is located. Would you like to know the specific rate for your skin treatment?  Please contact Huid & Laser Kliniek Delft or schedule a free consultation. 

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  • After 3 IPL treatments
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