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At Huid en Laser kliniek Delft, we offer various cosmetic treatments to improve your skin and make you feel completely comfortable again. A threadlift treatment is one of them. Thanks to advanced technology with soluble threads, it is possible to correct skin laxity in different parts of the face or neck. This treatment is capable of achieving beautiful and natural results and has little to no recovery time.

A threadlift is an effective, non-surgical treatment method to delicately lift and firm your face and neck. A great solution when you find surgery too invasive and fillers do not give the desired effect.

The technique of a threadlift uses polydioxanone threads, also known as PDO-threads. These threads are fully dissolvable sutures that are usually also used for suturing in regular surgeries. These PDO-threads have tiny barbs that are used to lift underlying layers of skin.

During the dissolving process, the threads are encapsulated by a "harness" of collagen in the tissue. This creates a lifting effect and firms the skin. After the threads dissolve after 6-12 months, the effect lasts for an average of 12-18 months depending on age, lifestyle and skin type. After this period, the treatment can be safely repeated.

Which treatment is most suitable for you to achieve a fresher, younger look? We will find out during a free consultation in Delft. Our cosmetic doctor is happy to take the time to answer your questions, so feel free to come and meet us.

Step-by-step Threadlift

Prior to a treatment, there will always be a free consultation where your needs and treatment options are discussed after which a treatment can be scheduled.

This is how we delicately lift and tighten your skin in five steps with a threadlift:

Step 1.

We start by taking photos of your skin so that you can see the skin improvement later;

Step 2.

The area to be treated is thoroughly cleaned;

Step 3.

Locally, the area is numbed with a lidocaine injection;

Step 4.

A thin cannula is used to apply PDO (polydioxanone) wires under the skin;

Step 5.

How are you doing? We discuss the progress and give you aftercare advice.

Number of treatments

After 1 treatment, results can already be seen which are optimal after an average of 6 weeks. Around this time, a check-up treatment is scheduled so that an evaluation of the treatment and results can take place. During this check-up, any adjustments can also be made if necessary and desired.

Rates threadlift

PDO-threadlift face 1190,-
PDO-threadlift neck 590,-
PDO-threadlift face + neck 1590,-

Frequently asked questions

Is a threatlift treatment safe?

When treated by a good certified doctor, side effects will be minimal. PDO wires are fully dissolvable sutures that are usually also safely used for suturing in regular surgeries. In addition, a threadlift treatment does not involve any incision of the skin, so the risk of complications such as infection is very low.

How long are the results of a thread lift visible?

A firming effect is visible immediately after treatment, partly due to swelling. On average, the skin needs 6 weeks to produce sufficient collagen after which optimal results will be visible. The skin's own collagen is stimulated with this treatment method, which ensures natural results. This is also why the results of a thread lift treatment are long-lasting. The effect of the treatment lasts for about 18 months. After that, you can safely repeat the treatment again.

Is a threadlift treatment painfull?

The threadlift procedure is done under local anaesthesia with a lidocaine injection. This ensures that the treatment is usually not experienced as painful. After treatment, the skin may feel a little sore, which can last up to 2 weeks.

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