Manuele huidtherapie

Skin problems can be annoying. Whether it's acne, skin blemishes, eczema or other complaints: it affects your wellbeing and we understand how uncomfortable this can feel. Often, it is easy to do something about it and is skin improvement therefore possible in many cases.

By understanding what's going on with your skin, the right treatment and good advice from the skin therapist, you feel good about yourself again. Every skin is different and we approach this with personal advice.

Ultramoderne laser

Lumenis M22 Laser and IPL

In our clinic we use the M22 laser from Lumenis. A powerful laser and IPL platform, with which only skin therapists and doctors are allowed to work. The laser has 4 hand pieces, with which we can treat 34 different conditions. The device can be found in many hospitals and we are proud that we can now help many people from the heart of Delft.

Manual treatments

Our treatment range


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